Mystery of unknown gunman identified as DSS official in southeast Nigeria

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The frequent killings and attacks on police installations and officers in the southeast by the much touted “unknown Gunmen” is fast turning into state sponsored terror. It was a mystery to stakeholders in Imo State that an unknown gunman killed by a police officer in the state was later identified as an operative of the Department of Security Service (DSS). In the circumstance of the misguided national assignment, the DSS officer was said to have been mistakenly killed by the police.

Residents of the various states in the southeast, particularly, those in Orlu environs, Imo State, had over time raised alarm that the so-called unknown gunmen in the southeast are allegedly security operatives of the Nigerian government, suspectedly deployed to destabilize the southeast. Some had alleged that some army officers would pull off their uniform to operate as unknown gunmen. Some others have also alleged that the security operatives go on violent killings and destructions at a location, then, suddenly be the first to detect that crime has occurred there and pretend to have arrived for intervention.

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Even the Biafra Nations League (BNL) had declared that external forces were perpetrating violence in the southeast and causing insecurity to blackmail the separatist agitators in the southeast and create reasons for the government to deploy the military to the zone.

A stakeholder in Imo State has revealed how a police officer chased and killed a gunman in the state who was later identified as an officer of the Department of Security Service (DSS). The deceased had fled the scene of exchange of gunfire with the police, who then chased the fleeing gunman and later shot him dead.

The incident was later reported to imply that “Police mistakenly killed Nigeria DSS”, while in reality the policeman killed an ‘unknown gunman’.

The stakeholder from Owerri, Imo State, narrated: “what happened in Imo State was a shock to many, a policeman chased an “unknown gunman” in Imo State, after exchanging gunfire with unknown men, the policeman succeeded in killing the “unknown gunman”.

“What surprises everyone was that it was later discovered that this “unknown gunman” killed by this policeman is Nigerian DSS.

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“Imo State is in shock… Instead of reporting accurately they changed it to “Police mistakenly killed Nigeria DSS”.

“It is now clear that most of the killings in Imo are done by Nigeria DSS.

“The unknown gunmen are Nigerian DSS. This is very bad, Nigeria has turned to something else, nobody is safe here anymore.”