Nigerians react to Fowler’s replacement at FIRS

Many Nigerians have been reacting on Twitter following the news, yesterday, that President Muhammadu Buhari decided against reappointing Babatunde Fowler as the Executive Chairman of Nigeria’s tax body, the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

Although many were expecting that he would be reappointed, the job was given to someone else (Muhammad Nami) instead.

The debate on Twitter has mostly centred on why Babatunde Fowler’s appointment was not renewed. Those in support of his reappointment bid argued that he performed exceptionally during his first tenure and deserved to be reappointed.

Olushola Olufolabi was particularly upset about Fowler being replaced by a lesser qualified professional.

Other people were quick to observe that many of the DGs and CEOs in many government agencies have recently had their appointments renewed by President Muhammadu Buhari. So, why wasn’t Fowler’s appointment renewed?

Many people are truly just as happy over Babatunde Fowler’s departure as FIRS’s Executive Chairman. One Twitter user actually wrote that Fowler is incompetent and that President Buhari must have seen that and decided not to renew his appointment.

Another person alleged that Fowler even “destroyed” a working system he met on ground and then used propaganda to make himself look competent. This Twitter user, who was identified simply as Boye, went further to allege that the former FIRS boss abused the powers of his office.

There is even a short clip on Twitter that shows FIRS staff reportedly “mocking” Babatunde Fowler as he departed his former place of work in a convoy

Meanwhile according to a leaked memo circulating online, Babatunde Fowler reportedly wrote the Presidency to enquire about the possibility of having his tenure extended.