NLC division weakens its power to fight against hike in fuel price — ONHRM


PRESIDENT-General of One Nigeria Human Rights Movement (ONHRM), Comrade (Barrister) Onwumere Israel John Chukwubuikem has blamed the seemly division in Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) as responsible for the union’s weakness.

Comrade Chukwubuikem who advises the NLC top members to put their differences behind them, said NLC has been weakened by the division, which was the reason it could not control the confidence of Nigerians in its fight against the FG over fuel hike.

He disclosed that government have been taking undue advantage of the disunity in NLC to exploit workers without challenge.“What is happening in NLC is reflection of the Nigerian society whereby selfishness, greed and lack of patriotism is affecting the country from the leadership to average person.”

According to Israel, who is also a publisher of many books on human right said the solution is for each region to go away for some months to enable them learn from their mistakes and correct themselves from such mistakes then they come together as one Nigeria.

“This is why strike by section of NLC is not yielding the expected participation by Nigerians. Nigerians are tired of this kind of government of deceit, but the labour, known to always checkmate government had allowed division to wane its power.”

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The ONHRM helmsman stated that “How come the same Buhari who took part in the labour delegate conference failed to attend the first May Day celebration under his regime? Because of the disunity, he could not attend the 2016 workers’ day event because he was not sure which one of them he should attend.

It would be recalled that as the division in Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has lingered for 14 months, without any resolve to bring them again under one concrete umbrella. As a result, Federal Government and other employers of labour have been cashing on this.

While reacting to the ongoing strike and the Court injunction by the federal Government, Comrade Ayuba Wabba, said the union was not served with such court injunction. “And how can the same FG that violated court injunction against hike electricity tariff now want to use same court to stop labour.”

“Moreover they refused to carry us along when they wanted to increase the fuel price, we would have at least helped to reduce it then so that Nigerians we not feel the impact.”

The Ajaero-led NLC, a faction that broke away with about 14 affiliates following that March 2015 delegates conference backed out of the strike, saying “We are in support of government. Ajaero said he believe dialogue with government would at this time be the solution.

Similarly TUC at the 11th hour, pulled out of the strike because they also believe in dialogue.
Speaking at a press conference last week, Ajaero said he wanted Nigerians to know he was not against the strike but the method used.