NLC factions take different turfs on May-Day celebration

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…disagree on proposed minimum wage


THE factional National President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Comrade Joe Ajearo has pooh-poohed the N56, 000 minimum wage proposal of Comrade Wabba Ayuba led faction as not commensurate with the current economic realities in the country, proposing N90, 000 as National Minimum Living wage.

The vibrant union leader made this assertion at the NLC pre-May Day Symposium, held at the weekend at the Lagos Airport Hotel Ikeja with the Theme: Inclusive Socio Economic Space for Sustainable Development.

In his opening remarks, Ajaero stressed that this year’s version of May-Day celebration will take a new dimension, a total breakaway from the norm of routine salute to the alleged oppressors of the masses.

“We are used to saluting the oppressors, a government not our salaries at our May-Day rallies, last years’ experience made us to name our meeting point the workers freedom square, this year we are changing our moves.

“We will carry our placards and banners in protest, to say no to lack of motorable roads, petrol, potable water, shutting our Universities, we will tell them we can no longer tolerate the situation in Nigeria.

“That we take exception to N56, 000 minimum wage as proposed by the other faction, instead we need N90, 000 National Minimum Living wage, considering the harsh economic situation in our country, “said Ajearo. He added that, “we need find out what the economic blue print to work with in Nigeria APC should go and put their house in order (the legislature and executive).Their fight should not drag us back.

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The Lead Speaker Barrister Femi Aborishade, harped on the need for the ruling class to be moderate in their quest for amassing wealth at the expense of the masses, stating that, “they prioritize all the good of the land to them and them alone”.

He also raised these following posers, “is Nigeria a society for all? Salaries are not paid, parents can’t pay school fees and homelessness pervades the land?

“An inclusive society where the ordinary Nigerian can have access to full and active participation in the society, is what will salvage the country, as it guard against social exclusion, but it is saddening that they prioritize the greed of the ruling class at the expense of the ordinary Nigerians “.

The activist cum National Conscience Party faithful, call on the labour movement to fight and make it mandatory for public office holders to declare their assets and the interest that accrues annually through their legitimate earnings.

“After Saraki others must follow, otherwise we will not take the APC seriously, they use their Private Public Partnership to loot and empower their cronies in the private sectors,” Aborisha added.