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Obaseki’s adviser flaunts model Buhari to bodyshame Nigerian youth. No mischief!



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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Which is why a senior adviser specializing in power play, could have an eye for President Muhammad Buhari’s six packs and lean flesh, and turn him to a model of good bodysmithing for young men in Nigeria.

Sarah Igunbor, a senior political adviser to Edo governor, couldn’t hold back when she tweeted on Wednesday, body-shaming Nigerian men with huge beer-guts and meaty waists.

She compared them to Buhari who could boast of wider access to wealth yet he ensures no fat deposit in places where not-so-rich young men consider status symbols.

“See how PMB is looking on Sportswear and native outfits….that’s how a man is supposed to look. Dear young brothers, in all you do, avoid protruding stomach, it’s not a sign of wealth,” she tweeted.

Buhari, a Fulani man, is mostly genetically wired tall and slim, like most of his tribesmen.

The National Daily reported he spent about two years of his first term mending his health in the UK.

His health conditions and medical advice, post recovery, couldn’t have allowed a lifestyle of beef and beer either.

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