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Over 100,000 citizens protest Covid-19 tyranny in France



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Hundreds of thousands of citizens took to the streets to the imposition of coronavirus hard policies in France. The French citizens are agitating against immunity passports and vaccination mandate.
Apparently, there was an outburst of public anger in France against the policy decisions of President Emmanuel Macron, imposing compulsory Covid-19 protocols on the citizens.

The French government on Monday declared that health workers must take vaccination doses by mid-September or lose their jobs.

France is also imposing Covid-19 passports in August before citizens are allowed to visit public spaces, like cinemas, sports venues, restaurants. The document must “certify that a person has been vaccinated, has recently recovered from the disease, or has a fresh negative test.”

The citizens are protesting that “such health policies as unacceptable coercion, discrimination against vaccine sceptics, and a slide towards tyranny on the part of the government.”

There were a series of protests of the imposed coronavirus policies all through last week in France.

Skepticisms over the coronavirus pandemic and the socialist vaccines regime have continued to pervade the world, while the promoters are unrelenting in seeing their agenda through.

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