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Paul Kagame rebrands African leadership: did Buhari hear the strong nationalism message?



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Looking inward for solution to African problems is the major message of President Paul Kagame to Rwandan Youth at the graduation of the “Itorero” training in August 2019. National Daily learned that Itorero is Rwandan replica of Nigerian NYSC. The President enlightened the Youth on the values of African culture strengthening the bond of unity of nation-states in the continent. He counseled them to avoid and resist foreign cultures in forms of religions that make Africans fight and kill themselves.

Kagame had declared: “The 1994 genocide was an example of how the West are waiting on us to kill each other so they can share our gold and take our lands. I and your fathers came and stopped the killings.

“Now, they are not happy, they might kill me, but before then, I want you to understand that your destiny is in your hands. Do not allow yourselves to be manipulated into thinking that you are inferior.

“Do not allow yourselves to be manipulated by Arab religion (I’m talking about Islam) or the Western version of Christianity. These two religions make our people to fight, kill and manipulate each other.

“You must protect your cultural heritage, you must protect the lands, you must farm your food, you must protect the forest, you must fly rockets to the space; you must invent AI technology. You’re the pride of Africa, you must always remember this.”

Nigerians wish President Muhammadu Buhari is listening to Kagame, particularly, in handling the Fulani herdsmen killings, and the Islamic pressures on using government structures for domination.