Rapists deserve stringent punishment: Concerned Nigerians speak

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Rape of minors and others by some unscrupulous adults have reached a frenzy point to the extent that there is hardly any day that passes without reported cases of debilitating incident. IFEOMA IKEM went to town asking people why these malfeasances are on the increase and what should be done to stem crime.

DR. Maymunah Yusuf Kadiri,
A Consultant Neuro – Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist There is no single profile that can describe all rapists. Men rape for different reasons and they commit rape in different ways. Any man or group of men who could commit such a heinous act on a woman could be psychologically disturbed and may have a serious personality disorder. The act, itself, isn’t always an outcome of lust. Alcohol and other hallucinogenic substances are major factors. These are people who are nymphomaniacs – obsessed with sexual thoughts. They are unable to postpone their need to be satisfied. Even so, visiting a sex worker is not an option for such men. For him, the sadistic pleasure of snatching away something is far higher than receiving it from someone giving it to him willingly. We need stringent laws to deal with offenders to have a peaceful society.

Mrs Edith Uchechi – Business woman
I blame most parents, especially full time house wives who leave their wards to move from room or house to another. Mothers should be vigilant at all times and watch who their children move and play with because that “Uncle” that always buy “sweet and biscuit” for your children may end up having carnal knowledge of the child forcefully that might leave her traumatised for life.

Mr Wale Akinola- Driver
It is unfortunate rape is becoming a daily affair to the extent that children are not free to play around within the compound or send her on an errand. I blame individual and government. There are no jobs and idle mind is becoming the devil’s workshop. Government and individuals must unite to deal with the problem.

Lanre Rotimi – Bus Conductor
I feel bad anytime I hear rape being committed by an adult of 50 years or older. In fact, whoever that commits rape deserves to be punished severely. I am a father, if peradventure someone rapes my daughter, I will make sure I give him a scar that he would live with forever before he goes to jail.

Mr Emma Balogun -Teacher
Rape increase is no longer news. In my own opinion, parents should teach their children how to dress decently. Parents of victims should blame themselves. On punishment, the government should make sure any rapist found guilty should serve jail term as deterrent to others.

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Uju Vivian – Artisan
It is a terrible situation. Children are not free any longer. No country is better off right now, but Nigeria is becoming something else to the extent that some fathers are raping their daughters. That is evil and should be punished. Castrate them where possible, people will stop it.

Mrs Vivian Ihechu – Journalist
The devil has taken over people’s minds. Secondly stress, frustration and mental imbalance are possible causes of rape in our society today. I want to believe every rapist has mental derangement.

Benjamin Egbodaghe – Civil servant
The increase in rape seems to be more of mind-set of individual, who is probably addicted to pornographic films. The censor board should check the sale of pornographic films. So many people watch it and want to express their sexual urge on any girl they see as some of them, after watching the films cannot control their sexual desire. The media, especially television needs to be regulated in terms of films and drama they show that have women dressed half naked. Above all, parents should monitor their children’s activities.

Faith Osileye – Businesswoman
I am an expectant mother. Our ladies dress sense is wrong. Improper dressing and debased cultural values contribute to this malfeasance. The churches that are supposed to correct these misbehaviours are not doing enough. In some churches, ushers wear mini-shirt that reveals essential part of their bodies. What example are they imparting? We were taught to dress decently when we were growing up. What is the church teaching nowadays? The solution can start from our churches and mosque.

Deacon Seyi Ademolu – Clergyman
When you force someone to have sex, you have offended God and the person. The problem comes from homes. If we trace most people that engage in the act of rape, their parents might have been fought each other in the presences of their children. Also, people don’t have fear of God. When a man does not fear God, he/she can become a reprobate. Romans: 1:28 said, “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient.”

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Richly Ebuka – Businessman
Most rape occs because of the environment the person finds him/herself. There are some areas that are not conducive for child upbringing. It influences them negatively. Places where you have brothels or women of little faith walk around at night looking for men, such places are not good for bringing up children. Go to Obalende, Ojuelegba, Mushin and others places, it is terrible. Rape is common in such areas.

Ojeh Helen -Teacher
Increase in rape cases is a wakeup call for everybody. It is an evil act that should be condemned totally. Anybody can be a victim. As a mother, we have a major role to play. We must not wait until it happened before running helter-shelter complaining when we are supposed to put our children in check. Tell them not to let any uncle play or touch her private part. Teach them good moral value; taboo and what constitute wrong and right. Above all, we must embrace good and condemn everything bad.

Mrs Rose Lawal – Director of a private school
I think taking the campaign of rape cases to schools, religious bodies, community leaders and market places would help reduce the occurrence. Pastors and Alfa should preach against and condemn rape in its totally. Some of them that are involved should be dealt with according to the law and parents should not leave their girls child during deliverance too to the pastor as some girls have been raped as a result. Some careless parents must wake up and the government must look at the laws again to accommodate more stringent punitive punishment.

It is unfortunate we have National Assembly, state houses of assemblies and local government legislators that are doing nothing about it. What is happening? If it necessitated making rape a capital offence, it should be so. Everyday some children of rich people engage in raping minors and children of less privileged Nigerians, they cover it with ill-begotten money. The Nigerian Policemen must also wake up as they do not enforce the law accordingly. If any girl reports rape at the station, they say all manner of things to her hence when others are raped, they are reluctant to report it. Some even engaged at raping girls that have cases in their station. The government must do something swiftly before it becomes too late. Until we have stringent laws capital punishment if necessary rape might not stop.