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Reps disclose findings on NIA’s new director-general



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After the House of Reps directed its committee to investigate petitions against the Nigeria Intelligence Agency’s director–general by directors of the agency last week, the House committee on Public Safety and National Intelligence has found out the allegations lack merit.
On the allegation of dual citizenship, D-G Ahmed Rufai-Abubakar, according to Committee chairman Hon. Aminu Sani-Jaji, explained that that his father is from Katsina State and he (his father) after sometime, decided to migrate from Katsina to Chad.
“His mother is a Nigerian, and his wife too is a Nigerian. He even showed us the approval of the then DG that he was allowed to marry her. I think she is Fadilah by name. She is from Katsina,” said the chairman,
“He said really he did his primary school in Chad, but he attended secondary school in Nigeria and his first degree was in the Bayero University, Kano.
“Again, we discussed with him and we also saw all the promotion examinations that he went through when he was in service.”
The petitioners had claimed Abubakar flunked promotion exams besides his dual citizenship.
They also alleged that some $44 million got missing under him.
The reps however said the money was not missing.
“If you remember, this $44m is part of the $289m approved for the then DG, Ayo Oke. You know that in April last year, there was the issue of $43m found in Ikoyi. He tried to say that the $44m and the $43m are part of the $289m,” said Sani-Jaji
“But for us, we are still working to see where the remaining $202m was placed. We only know about the $43m recovered in Ikoyi and the $44m recovered from their vault.
“In the course of our investigation, we will come up with where the $289m really is, not the $43m and not the $44m but the entire amount…
“Yes, for me it is ($202m) still missing. The money in question is $289m, and all what the former DG is trying to say is that the $43m and the $44m are part of the $289m.
“If you subtract $43m and $44m, where is the balance? That is why we are where we are today, and that is also why we have to intensify the investigation.”

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