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Scores killed at Mosque bombing in Yola



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Tragedy struck on Friday during the launch of a mosque near old hall camp in Jambutu in Yola, Adamawa state killing scores of worshippers.

The blast was said to have occurred about 1:40 pm, shortly after the commencement of Friday prayers. The bomb was said to have been detonated by a young suicide bomber within the circumference of the mosque.

A witness said “A young man sneaked into the vicinity of the mosque before the prayer commenced and detonated it leading to massive casualty,” he explained.

He added that “Many people were killed in the blast and we are busy evacuating dead bodies and the injured to the hospital.”

It was learnt that the bomber targeted the concentrated area in order to cause massive havoc but could not make it through as the bomb went off before gaining access to the vital area. The head of the boy was said to have been severed from the body with the other body part mangled just as the bodies of the victims were mutilated.

However, the bodies of the dead were not immediately known as the crowd besieged the place prompting soldiers that were despatched to rescue the situation firing into the air to disperse the crowd.

The Police Public Relations Officer of Adamawa State Police Command, Othman Abubakar, who reacted immediately confirmed the incident but explained that the casualty figure has not been determined as rescue operations were still going on.

However, an unconfirmed reports says over 20 people have been killed while over 60 were injured.

It was gathered that scores who were rushed to the Yola Specialist Hospital and Federal Medical Centre had blooded bodies while some desperately need blood transfusion as they have lost so much blood.

The Yola attack occurred hours after a similar explosion occurred in a mosque in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital, killing and injuring many worshippers during the early morning prayers session.

That blast was said to have happened at Jiddari Polo area about 5am when Muslims were performing the first congregational prayer of the day.

As the December Presidential mandate for the military to exterminate all manner of insurgency in the north east, there is mounted tension as bombs are been detonated almost on daily bases killing hundreds of people.

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