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Smart Adeyemi reveals why he proposed a ban against same faith ticket



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A Senator representing Kogi West, Smart Adeyemi while interacting with a journalist on Trust TV’s Daily Politics gives the reasons why he wants the ban on any political parties from fielding a Muslim-Muslim ticket. Smart Adeyemi said,

“Quite number of Nigerians didn’t understand the perception of which I was coming with the amendment. The amendment is not to talk about an issue that has already been settled. You cannot go to INEC to change anybody’s name. You cannot withdraw anybody as the candidate whose name has been submitted, but the proposed amendment is to safeguard the future.

“You know when there is an oversight, the first time, the second time, and it occurs every time, some people may take it as a policy. Now, I have the privilege of knowing this country very well. Because of my background as a journalist, as a union leader. I travel around the nooks and crannies of this country. There is no state of Nigeria that I do not know at least two-thirds of each state that constitute the whole of Nigeria.

“I know the norms or values of Nigerian people. I know the dichotomy. I know the religious spirit of this country. Let me give you a submission here for the first time. And one of the reasons I proposed the ban is that there’s nobody, no Nigerian can tell me that Muslims are more than Christian or Christians are more. If there’s a situation where one is more than the other, maybe about four or 5%.

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