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Sowore joins NANS to protest ASUU strike



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The AAC presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore  joined the National Association of Nigerian Students on Monday to protest the unending industrial action Nigerian lecturers have embarked on for eight months.

Sowore also spoke during the protest at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos, one of the airports the student body penned down picketing.

He told them “this is your struggle.”

“I am a comrade and I remain a comrade forever, anything you need from us, let us know, but this is your struggle.

“Nigerian students delivered independence to Nigeria in 1960, after this, they hijacked it and started using it against us. Nigerian students delivered the democracy we have today in in 1999, but when they flog people, it is the same us that they flog,” Sowore said.

He urged drivers, traders and well-meaning Nigerians to support the students’ struggle.

The university lecturers insisted they must get paid for the eight months spent on strike—after the federal government claimed

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