Suspended PDP national chairman overwhelmed, struggling to attack man behind his ordeal

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Following his suspension as party chairman and member which media aide to Gov Nyesom send across media houses August 23 night, Uche Secondus has fired back at the governor.

His response is still, however, feeble.

According to the state high court ruling Justice O. Gbasam delievered in an ex-parte injunction a stat party man brought, Secondus should stop parading himself as the PDP national chairman.

“If Secondus and the party are taken to court, they will defend themselves,” the media adviser said, adding his boss and their party are not afraid.

“This party is a child of history owned by Nigerians, bigger than any individual or group, including desperadoes.”

Both Secondus and his principal backer when he contested the PDP national chairmanship have been denying the simmering bitterness between them until it came to a boil recently.

Elders and governors in the party tried to make peace weeks ago.

It is now clear Wike, who insisted he would resist any wrong Secondus did, is not placated yet.