These companies lead gainers’ chart on stocks trading

Regency Alliance Insurance Plc (REGALINS), Chams Plc, Jaiz Bank, AIICO Insurance Plc and GTBank Plc led the gainers’ chart after trading on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange on Thursday.

REGALINS led the gainers’ chart as it increased by 5% when it closed at N0.21, Chams also rose by 4.35% as it closed N0.24, followed by Jaiz Bank, which closed at 3.77% at N0.55. Aiico and GTBank also recorded 2.94%, 2.86% and N0.70, N27.00 respectively.

Meanwhile, the stock market closed at a negative territory as the All-Share Index dropped by 0.14% when it closed 26,188.24.

Unilever Plc led the losers chart on Thursday when it closed N21.65 at dropped by 9.98%, Fidson also closed at N3.25 as it dropped by 9.72%, followed by Union Diagnosis Plc, which dropped by 8.33% and closed at N0.22.

Honey Flour Plc also dropped by 8.16% as it closed at N0.90, followed by NPF microfinance bank, which dropped by 7.56% as the value hit N1.10.

Four banks made the list of five in the top five trades in the market on Thursday. Jaiz Bank led the chart as it traded 502.02 million valued at N271.11 million, followed by Access Bank, which traded 84.33 million at N703.98 million.

Zenith Bank was the next on the chart. The financial institution traded 52.94 million at N907.32 million, followed by Lafarge Africa, which traded 20.17 million. First Bank of Nigeria Holding Plc was at the bottom of the chart as it traded 12.46 million at N68.35 million.