Touch the end of your toes, and you’ll know if you have heart problems or not

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If you ever wondered whether your heart is healthy or not, you can use this simple method, as demonstrated in this article, to find out the condition of your heart. In simple words, if you are flexible enough to bend and touch your toes, you can be assured that you have a healthy heart.

You can do this method at home in 3 easy steps as follows:

1. Sit on the floor. If you have a mat, it’s more comfortable.

2. Stretch your legs with your toes pointing up.

3. Slowly, try to touch your toes using your hands.

If you were able to reach your foot or even towards the end of your calves, it is a sign of good flexibility, and your heart is in mint condition.

Don’t Ignore These Signs:

1. Nausea, vomiting, heartburn: This and even stomach pain can be a symptom of heart trouble, especially in women.

2. Pain in left arm

Pain that spreads from the chest to the left part of the body or is only felt in the left arm.

3. Dizziness

This can be due to many reasons, but you need to consult a medical doctor immediately if you experience shortness of breath and discomfort in your chest, along with it.

4. Throat or pain in the jaw

Again, this can be a sign of many things, but if you feel that the pain is radiating from your chest towards your jaw, you need to consult a medical doctor.

5. Sweating for no reason

If you’re breaking into a sweat for no apparent reason, you need to consult a medical doctor.

6. Swelling in legs, feet, and ankles

This can be due to many reasons, even water retention, but it can also be a sign that your heart is not able to pump your blood effectively and that blood is backing up into your legs.