Wike accuses Sherriff of obstructing PDP reconciliation

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has accused Senator Ali Modu Sheriff of obstructing the reconciliation of the crisis ravaging the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Thus, the governor was of the view that the PDP crisis can no longer be reconciled through political process.
Wike, reacting to the judgement of the Court of Appeal that upheld affirmed Sheriff as PDP national chairman said that lack of sincerity by some loyalists of the Modu Sheriff faction has ruled out reconciliation as a solution to the crisis rocking the party.
The Rivers Governor observed that several reconciliation committees had been set-up in the past to wade into the crisis and bring a political solution but that the Sheriff-led faction had severally sabotaged the efforts of the committees.
Wike also said that the All Progressives Congress (APC) was working behind the scene to keep the PDP in disarray as its survival strategy.
The governor, who ruled out decamping from the party because of Sheriff, said he believe that the Appeal Court pronouncement in favour of the embattled national chairman of the party will not stand.
He further said that the only way a solution to the crisis rocking the party can be achieved was through a ruling of the Supreme Court.
Wike said: “Nobody can say he does not want reconciliation. How many times has PDP set up a committee on reconciliation?
“You realized that when we lost election in Ondo state, there was a statement made by Sheriff and company. And if we had lost election in Rivers state, they would have come up with a statement. They would have said: ‘How will we win when people like Wike don’t want people to participate.’
“Is that the one you want to be national chairman of a party?
“But because we won, they could not come up with any statement. That is the kind of thing I am talking about. In all honesty, I cannot see myself making commitment to work with that kind of leadership.
“Leaving the PDP is not an option yet; I have hopes that there is no way the Appeal Court judgement that affirmed Ali Modu Sheriff as PDP national chairman can stand. I believe we have a good case against Sheriff.
“The APC knows that the only way it can survive is to make sure PDP does not come up. The real PDP members are working very hard to make sure the party is put together. That is why I am telling you of the moles.
“There are certain characters I cannot see myself sitting down with them and talking politics. I don’t have the confidence that Ali Modu Sheriff can lead this party.”