Yvonne Jegede: The unusual marriage counselor


Yvonne Jegede has played so many roles in Nollywood and music videos. She has also entered different characters on the social space. One time, many people took her social media romance with Bolanle Ninalowo as an unscripted item. But she had her fans and followers lost when she recently wore the hat of a marriage counselor. EDIALE KINGSLEY writes.

YVONNE Jegede, one of the video vixens on Tuface’s African Queen Video, for reasons many have termed personal took to social media to express her mind on a topic many wondered if she is in the best position to talk about. ”Marriage is not by force, I repeat…marriage is not by force. If you cannot see yourself submitting totally to your husband, please let him just find the woman that would, no need to marry. I don’t think its mandatory… Peace is good for everyone” She expressed. The beautiful actress went further to add that, “You can submit to yourself and marry yourself. But if you choose to marry then respect him completely and submit totally. If you don’t want to marry that’s very okay and if you cannot love the woman totally, Nwanne I repeat… Marriage is not by force. Stop wasting each other’s time Biko!”

She’s however been attack as unfit to give such sermon since she once gave a casual statement about her exposed boobs. In that interview she was asked, “You have a penchant for revealing some part of your body, may be your boobs?” of which she responded, “Well, it depends on the clothes. I have big boobs, so, if the clothes are not big enough to cover my boobs you would not blame me for that. I am not the person who made my clothes. I just put them on”

For many who don’t know Yvonne, she is a celebrity who was lucky enough to find favor with Nigeria film makers. As a child, Yvonne never dreamed of going into acting. She loved modeling, and how paparazzis run after models. Yet she never had acting in mind until she met Charles Novia. It was while she was still working on the set with Charles Novia, that Uzodimma saw her and insisted that he would feature her in his music video.

The next day, she featured in the African queen video. That was how she started her acting career.

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Yvonne returned to the country in 2012, after her studies abroad. From 2012 till date, she has featured in over fifteen films. She travelled to America for further studies immediately after featuring in 2face’s “African Queen” video. Contrary to everyone’s expectation, Yvonne studied International Relations in a University in Cyprus instead of Theater Arts. Her reason, “I just wanted to study something outside of what I am used to, so that, I can broaden my mind”.

One thing this elegant woman can’t do without is her eye pack. She adores her eyes and making her lips look good is a daily mission statement for the lady thespian.

“I wear it anywhere I go every day because it gives me good luck. I like big things and that’s why I have to get a big wrist watch”.

She has also talked about her ideal man, wherein she revealed her desires in a man that is more intelligent than her. “I need somebody I can learn from him. He should also be able to take care of himself. That’s an ideal man for me. He should not be ugly.”

Even though Tuface’s current wife and then girl friend, Anny, featured in African Queen Video, many still kept wondered and even accused her of dating Tuface but she has always told anyone who cared to listen that she never kissed or dated the music maestro.

On if she has been harassed sexually before now, “Sexual harassment in the industry has to do with what you want. If you want to be sexually harassed, you will be. I am saying that because, even when I am walking on the road, or in the banking hall, I usually get passes. But it depends on what you want. I do not think every director would want to sleep with every girl he comes across. Maybe, I am wrong but, I don’t think it is possible. I have had the experience where a produced would refused to feature me in his movie because I did not sleep with him. They might make their advances to me” she answered. One of the most challenging movies Yvonne has done since her return to Nollywood is James Town by Ifeanyi Onyeabor. In the movie, she played a role that she has never done before. Most of her roles have always been about someone who is going to cry, or who has been abandoned and so on. But in the movie, she played the role of a drug seller. She sold all sorts of drugs. She was meant to move about with a guitar all the time. In this guitar, She concealed all the drugs that she was selling. But when nemesis caught up with her, she got bruised. She was busy hurting herself. “I enjoyed acting every bit of the movie”.