Nigerian Navy displayed excellent professionalism — Hijacked ship Captain

    Can you recount your experience?
    It was a bad experience. I just want to request the authorities to look for my two hostages. It was a bad moment for us. We pray that they get back my brothers.
    Where are they from?
    One is Indian and the other is Pakistan. We have no idea of the direction they were taken to. They attacked us around 8pm in a wooden boat. I thank Nigerian Navy for rescuing us. One of them told me as bullet was flying through my head that I give you my life, don’t worry, we shall deal with the pirates. Nobody in the world will make such statement. Tears rolled down my eyes for a fellow man to do that for a fellow man. I really salute the resilience of officers that rescued us. I am proud of the Nigerian Navy.
    Where were you coming from?
    We were operating far away from where fishing trawler operate. Everything was moving smoothly. We are not trained to defend anybody against the pirates.
    What are the names of the crew members abducted?
    One is Abdulraham and would give you the other one in my record. I can’t remember the name now.

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    How did the hijackers enter the ship?
    On the 11 February, 2016, a group of pirates, very dangerous people, disembarked from a boat and entered my ship and captured two of my crew members as hostage.
    Did they siphon your fuel?
    No. they came with small boat.
    What happened when they boarded?
    I was locked up in the citadel of the ship. They came with heavy tools and armed with guns. They had with them grenades. They were well prepared and were about 16 of them. They were good professionals.
    What is your name?
    I am Krishna Pillai, from India. We were drifting south of Abidjan. We loaded in Lome. They hijacked us in the evening of 11 February about 2100 hours. They held me hostage with gun on my head and asked not to say anything. We had no chance to inform anybody about what was going on after the initial information was sent out.
    Did they demand ransom?
    No, I don’t know.
    How many crew members?
    We were 18 crew members.