2019: Al-Mustapha formally shows interest in presidential race

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Retired Major Hamza al-Mustapha, former Chief Security Officer (CSO) to a former Head of State, late General Sani Abacha, on Wednesday in Kaduna, formally revealed his aspiration to contest the 2019 presidential election. Al-Mustapha after a consultation meeting with United Christian Leaders Eagle Eye Forum, identified to be supporting the retired Major for the 2019 presidential race, admitted he may respond to demands by Nigerians to join the race for 2019.

National Daily inquiry showed that Al-Mustapha has since his freedom in 2015, been silently preparing for the 2019 presidential race. He was gathered to have extended consultations to governments and leaders of some Middle East countries. Since his freedom from the prosecution by Lagos State government of the assassination of Kudirat Abiola during the June 12 actualization struggles, Al-Mustapha eschewed obvious partisan politics while engaging deeply in other social activities towards creating awareness and consciousness.

In the current arrangements, Hamza al-Mustapha declared that he would give priority to protection of the right of Nigerians as established by the constitution.

Al-Mustapha had declared: “I am not going to announce myself contesting for a presidential seat; but if people say so, that is the wish of the people.

“I am not a power-thirsty person. If I were, I would have lost my personality long before now. But when people gather to speak and the decision is by them, then it is a call to serve.”

The former CSO denied knowing anything about the Abacha loot which the APC government has been reaping from its repatriations from Europe and America.

“The fact that some Nigerian leaders were corrupt does not mean that everyone that serves in government is a thief. Some of us can stand and challenge any institutions or individuals any day, any time.”

National Daily learnt that Pastor Aminchi Habu, Chairman of the United Christian Leaders Eagle Eye Forum, had explained that the forum, after critical analysis and observations, endorsed al-Mustapha to contest in the 2019 Presidential election. The Pastor assured that the Forum will stand with al-Mustapha once he makes up his mind to run for the presidency because of his integrity.