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Nigerian players overseas reveals plan for 2016



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Nigerian players playing overseas reveal their plans for 2016 in this interview with ESTHER EGBE, Except

Taiwo Olajide, South Africa 

YOU visit the Super Eagles Coach Sunday Oliseh recently in South Africa where you play football? What did you tell him?
No, I didn’t speak with him; my agent did. I don’t know yet anything about what they discussed, but I know it will be something good.
How long have you been playing for south africa?
I have been playing for South Africa for over one year now, it’s a wonderful experience, i must say.
What is your plans for 2016?
By the end of the season, I am leaving on moving further my career in Europe.
How will you feel if you are invited to the national team?
For sure everybody wants to get invited to national team, would love to represent my lovely country.
Have you been invited before?
No, i have never been invited will love to be part of the players this year.
What are you doing to be invited to the national team?
I am just going to keep working hard and praying to God because i trust him and my hard work, one day will get invited when my time is here.
How do you see the Nigerian football?
Well, the Nigerian football is nice and good foundation for soccer players because it prepares you for the task ahead. The Nigerian football makes one mentally strong and physically. It is good and has helped me a lot. It made it easy for me when i got here.
Anything you will love to change in Nigeria football?
I will love the LMC and NFF to change how they take care of the welfare of the players and how they treat a player. I like to change the officiating of the game as well.
How can you rate South Africa game compared to Nigeria?
I will rate South Africa game as better. They play with pace which is good for a soccer player.
Who is your best coach in Nigeria?
My best Coach Osho Fatai.
Where did you start your football career?
I started my football career at NFA, Nigeria football
Which is your best and worst stadium?
The National Stadium is the worst in Nigeria at the moment. That place has suddenly become a place where they do all sort of things. It’s is made for sports men and women.

Kareem Kenny, Finland 

How long have you been playing in Finland?
I have been playing for two seasons now and it has been amazing.
What are your plans for 2016?
I am planning to leave the team am playing with now then move to a better one. But if it doesn’t work out, will remain with my team.
Why do you want to leave your present club?
They are not paying good money, and it is a second-division club. That is the main reason; i want to leave the club.
How will you feel if you are invited to National team?
I will be very glad, because is the prayers of every players to represent their country.
Have you been called before to the National team?
Yes, I have been there in under 23, Dream Team, but i was dropped don’t know why, but i am still hoping to be called again this year.
Where did you start your career?
I started with playing with Ebiede from there I moved to First Bank fc before I travelled out of the country.
What do you think about the Nigerian football?
Nigeria’s football is improving with time, but still needs a lot of development.
What will you like to change in Nigeria football?
The Nigeria League is ok, but the aspect of clubs owing salaries is not good for players who are giving their all and the sign off fees.
What is the game like in Finland—can you compare it to Nigeria’s?
You know here in Finland they have the facilities, but in Nigeria we have a lot of talents you know. You can’t compare to the facilities with Nigeria own. There is a lot of difference.
Who was your best Nigeria coach ever?
i will give it to Coach Fatai Amao
Which was your best stadium you have play back in Nigeria?
I will say its Teslim Balogun stadium.

Muda Jimoh, India

Tell us how you started football as a career?
I started football when I was still in secondary school. The love and the passion of the game give me joy. It’s been fun and great achievement all the way in this wonderful career that chose me.
Where did you play first before you traveled out of the country?
I stared playing with Mundial Sports International (MSI) football club at Isolo in Lagos State.
How long have you been playing for Southern Samity in India?
I have been playing for two years for Samity now. But I will also love to play for my country and its local league.
Can you compare our kind of league in Nigeria with India’s?
In the India league, their belief is that as a striker you must score week in week out. They don’t much believe in team work. Just go there and get results. I think Nigeria league is more interesting than the Indian league.
What is your plan for 2016?
I want to get a better deal like play Nigeria league for few months and settle down with my super heartthrob.
How can you rate the Nigerian Football?
The Nigerian football is becoming the most popular in Africa. It’s excellent and I am proud I am from here. Most other African countries respect us because of the way we play. We are strong and focus.
Would you love to play for the national team, if you are called to come over?
Sure. That is the dream of every player to play for the country

Who is the coach who made a lot of impact in your career?
My best coach is coach Tope Fuja with Mohammadiam Sporting of India. He is a Nigerian coaching few teams here. He is like a father and friend.

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