8 Big politicians that are likely to defect from PDP to APC before 2023 elections

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The Nigerian political space is probably one of the most blurred, muddled up democratic system world where the basic foundational democratic institution “Political Parties” operates nearly devoid of a proper operational ideology given room for every Dick, Tom, and Harry with no social standing and pedigree just waltz through their halls to join them not. This cross-carpeting is done almost 95 percent of the time not for true humanitarian reasons nor in the pursuit to entrench true democracy but rather 99 percent of the time driven by individual ambition, greed, and selfish interest.

Over the last 3 general elections held in the country, within 2-years of them holding political observers have constantly noticed the carpet-crossing habit of politicians in search of their next payday, the next appointment, and all, not caring what political legacies and precedence they are setting for the next generation.

Just a week ago, the voracious former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode jumped ship moving the national opposition party PDP to the National ruling party APC which he insulted, disparage, castigated, torn apart several times in the last 6-years of the party in power, swearing by God that he will never leave the PDP, and swearing to never join the APC.

He had in those 6-years described, President Buhari as an ethnic bigot, nepotic, religious zealot, and several unimaginable words to now think that it is that same man he has now cowered to and accept as his political leader in the build-up to the next election isn’t that nothing but a pure betrayal of the highest level of scathing dishonest, as he was described by former president Obasanjo, “he is a man who is only controlled by his stomach, feed him and he will praise and worship you”.

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In view of the most recent defections, including Dave Umahi of Ebonyi state, Ben Ayade of Cross-Rivers State, and Gov Bello Matawalle of Zamfara state, we have decided to toss the coin on some bigwig politicians that might over the next 18 months decide to switch camp in the build-up to the 2023 elections;

  1. Former President Ebele Goodluck Jonathan; might join in search of a second term as President.
  2. Seyi Makinde; He is the only PDP Governor in the South-Western region, he is of course been courted by the APC, because at the moment he is the prize jewel of the PDP across the country.
  3. Ibikunle Amosun; the return of the former governor of Ogun State back into the APC fold which he helped bring into power.
  4. Ifeanyi Okowa; Another governor courted by the APC for a better strategic position of the party in the South-South.Ifenanyi Okowa
  5. Lawrence Ugwuanyi of Enugu State; there are already talks that the current governor of Enugu State is in talks already on decamping from the PDP to join the APC, making it 3 states in the South-East that have joined the fold.
  6. Okezie Ikeapzu Of Abia State is also been courted by the APC, through theEbonyi State Governor David Umahi, he is said to be in talks in a bid to have 4 South-Eastern states join the fold, including, Imo, Ebonyi, Enugu, and Abia State.Okezie Ikpeazu
  7. Darius Ishaku of Taraba State might just be about to butt the trend of Taraba State over the years being a PDP party and finally shifting power to an opposition party in the state for the very first ever.Darius Ishaku, Taraba State Governor
  8. Ayo Fayose; He has been betrayed, and maybe humiliated during the last South-western election with the PDP to elect the leader of the party in the South-west as the Governor of Oyo State Seyi Makinde was elected in an election he claimed was marred with irregularities, who knows he chooses to also jump ship and pursue his political ambitions at the APC.


  1. This is apparently showing that Nigerian politicians are not statemen but demagogues, who are only after their personal achievement or fulfilment rather than that of the people in general. With these political happenings the Nigeria’s future is unpredictable.