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Anambra Church Killings: Another angle to story emerges as Presidency vows to bring perpetrators to book



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Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, has since been receiving regular updates on the status of investigations regarding the atrocious and mindless acts of violence yesterday at the St. Philip Catholic Church Ozubulu in Anambra State where worshippers were viciously attacked and a number of innocent Nigerians killed and injured.
The Acting President has been in touch with the Anambra State Governor Willy Obiano, police authorities and other security agencies, and assures that the perpetrators of the heinous crimes would be brought to justice.
Prof. Osinbajo condemns the despicable acts of violence, and commiserates with families, relatives, friends of the victims, the entire people and the government of Anambra State.
Meanwhile, there appears to be a twist to the story. And this twist as narrated by Loveth Gift, the eye witness, clearly contradicts the Police report. Her statement is produced in the following paragraphs:
“We all were in the church during the 6am morning mass today, we saw two cars that drove into the church; because it was a Church premises we over looked it and we considered them to be people that came for morning mass(service).  But to the surprise of everyone, the car halted at the center of the gate, meaning you cannot close the gate, since it is open already.
“The driver came out of the car pretending he was fixing a problem; so everyone still ignored the drama happening outside the premises.
“Suddenly, some men came out from the car, fully armed, all in Army uniform. I was lucky because I was sitting at the back, just beside the door, but I was clearly seeing what was happening. The sky was cloudy and everywhere seemed dark; no one saw what they were carrying, whether it was gun, but surely they were fully equipped.
“They immediately rushed to the front door. I was too lucky to jump the fence, but before I had jumped, I heard gun shot everywhere in the building. They obstructed the front gate, because for women that is their only route to escape. That was why women were killed more than men. Children were killed as well, many were seriously injured.
“After I had escaped, I started making calls to link my church members who were in the church, but they were not picking up; not knowing they were dead already.
The gun men were not igbos, because their language were not igbo, the government should stop lying, I heard they said That, they gun Men were flashing touch light on us,  but it a lie, because the whole church was so lighted that even from outside you will see who is inside. Even at that, if they were really flashing touch light to know who is their target, those that were killed, are they their target.
Like I said before and I will say it again, I was at the back door, I saw all that happened, they were with Army uniform, face covered, standing at the Front door, holding their trigger, and shooting at anything that moves.
When the police came, I was waiting for them to ask questions of what happened, so that I will explain, but they were busy taking pictures of the dead ones, without knowing the fact
“Not too long after they had gone, I went back to the church. I was shocked with what I saw; my Mother was lying dead! Many people were unconscious but later succumbed to death.
“After about one hour of the killings, the Police arrived the church. Two hours later, the Governor, Willie Obiano arrived too. Everyone was shocked, wandering how the perpetrators stormed in Army uniform. Questions began to arise: “Who gave them the Army uniform?” Who gave them the Army car?”
Surely jihad is here, and everyone have to defend him/her self.
A woman who still survived the mayhem said, “All I could remember is that I was sitting at the front when some people in Army uniform invaded the Church and started shooting at everyone. They just held the trigger and fired at everyone they sighted. I managed to hide under the seat but was shot in the leg.
“A boy was shot in head, his brain bursted, and blood spilled everywhere – even at my face.”
Rush Hour wrote…
The former Anambra State Commissioner of Police is Mr Sam Okaulu, who recently retired following Assigning of the New Anambra State Commissioner of Police, CP Garba Baba Umar who resumed work on June 23rd 2017.
This is my findings, because I have not relented in calling all the people who I can obtain relaible information from In Anambra State Police Command, a police man told me that even before they submit their investigation report on the alleged killing of Biafrans in Ozobulu in today’s church service, they were called to stop further investigation.
The said story of Aloysius Ikegwuonu the drug Baron is a mere propaganda to cover the truth from the Hoi-polloi.
Another reliable source told me that their Major plan was to label IPOB a criminal organization and then justified their criminal actions to kill Innocent Biafrans and also to have a  justification to Re-arrest Nmandi Kanu by claiming that this devilish act was committed by IPOB as directed by Nmandi Kanu.
But the Governor of Anambra State Mr. Obiano  refused the idea claiming that it will bring Calamity in his state as he is Afraid of Mobocracy.
He further backed up his claims by submitting me with this screen shot  showing off course the Housa/Fulanis campaigning vigorously to claim that IPOB committed  this devilish act, Now we must proceed to counter this their evil Media Agenda and tell the world the story ourselves, please shear and God bless Biafra.

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