Annie drags Tuface over one night with Pero

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Annie Idibia believes she has been human and innocent enough in coping with her lady killer of a husband. Now she lost her marbles, for the first time—on social media.

Annie in a post via her Instagram story on Thursday night accused  the father of seven of always ganging up with his family members to disgrace her.

One of such disgraceful things was Tuface dossing down in the house of his brother Hyacinth where the singer’s ex-lover and baby mama Pero brought their love kids for bonding.

Annie wonder why Tuface’s baby mamas constantly use the “children as an excuse for all sorts of rubbish.”

“I’m a patient woman, I’m not a fool innocent. Your family never loved me from the beginning!” she wrote.

“No matter how hard I tried, I was never worthy to them. I have made so many sacrifices for you and all your children and God knows I have tried.

Recapping all her labour of love and duty to a father has sown his wild oats all over the places, Annie insisted it was all for whom she was—a gracious soul.

“But today this move you, Efe Frankie and your family took is unacceptable,” she wrote.