ATCON congratulates NCC on launch of strategic management plan          

President of the National Association of Telecommunications Subscribers, Chief Deolu Ogunbanjo, has congratulated the Ministry of Communications & Digital Economy and Nigerian Communications Commissions (NCC) on the virtual launch of the strategic management plan (SMP) 2020 – 2024.

In a goodwill message by Ogunbanjo, NATCOMS expressed appreciation over the exemplary display of magnanimity by the Dambatta led administration in reducing the N1.04 trillion fine imposed on MTN to a seemingly reasonable N330 Billion.

“It becomes noteworthy to mention the fact that the NCC 2013 – 2018 Strategic Management Plan was meant to achieve 30% Broadband Penetration. It is heart-warming to say that the Dambatta led administration has achieved this goal and looking at 40% penetration ahead.

“The Nigerian Communications Commission as Nigeria’s Telecoms Regulatory body has set the pace on the Consumer Rights to seek Redress by providing the 6-2-2 TOLL-FREE line. The Telecoms Network Operators have also done the same by providing the Toll-Free Customer Care lines. Unfortunately, this is not so for other companies operating in Nigeria.

“In other countries, we all know that companies do provide Toll-Free Redress /Complaint lines as one the Consumer’s Rights to seek Redress.  This Redress /Complaint Toll-Free lines should be provided by ALL Companies operating in Nigeria that is expecting some form of Feedback /Redress on their Products and Services Offerings.  This promotes Consumer-Centrism.”

Ogunbanjo also used the opportunity to draw the attention of the Nigerian Communications Commission to the unwholesome practice of the Phone Importers and Manufacturers.

“With Nigeria’s population of over 200,000,000 and a Subscriber base of over 120,000,000, we make bold to submit that Nigeria is a very big Phones Market and as such, all Phones coming to Nigeria must satisfy the yearnings and aspirations of Phone Users, particularly as it concerns the Phone Chargers that come with phones into Nigeria.

He said all over Nigeria, all electrical wall sockets are the 3-Pin-Plug type, but phone dealers are bringing into Nigeria the 2-Pin-Plug Phone Chargers.

“This situation infringes on the Consumer’s right to Product Satisfaction in view of the fact that Mobile Phones are Consumer Durables.  This leaves the Phone Buyer dissatisfied considering the fact that he /she either spends additional money to buy a multi-socket 3-Pin equipment or left to be forcing the 2-Pin “follow-come” charger into the 3-Pin Wall Socket which damages the wall socket and sometimes leading to very dangerous occasional electric sparks.

“We seize this opportunity to appeal to the Nigerian Communications Commission to engage Phone Importers and Manufacturers to ensure that ALL PHONES coming to Nigeria come with 3-Pin Quality Chargers,” he added.