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Avengers says Politicians are blackmailing Jonathan



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According to the Ijaw Youth Council Worldwide, which is an umbrella body for Ijaw youths, said some politicians are desperate to rope the former president Goodluck Jonathan as one of those responsible the formation of the Niger Delta Avengers. The spokesman of the group, said the desperation has now reached it peak after a media report surfaced that there was an intelligence report indicating that Jonathan was one of the persons behind the formation of the Niger Delta Avengers.

The Niger Delta group took up the allegation against them. The IYC gave the following statement explaining the reasons: “The characters behind this desperate plan are politicians of Niger Delta extraction who are in the present government and do not want a peaceful resolution of the renewed militancy in the region. They prefer a military option that would result in the killing of innocent Niger Deltans. The genesis of these frivolous accusations against former President Jonathan started after he visited President Buhari few weeks ago.

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And after the meeting, Jonathan said that everybody desired peace and that the leaders of the Ijaw nation were working hard to achieve peace in the Niger Delta region including himself. Also, they don’t want Jonathan’s intervention to resolve the crisis for obvious political reasons. So, this is the reason why they have orchestrated all sorts of lies to drag Jonathan into the formation of the NDA. It is deliberate and we are sure the top hierarchy of government knows this fact. The group strongly condemned the maligning of Jonathan, advising him to explore legal options to bring such irresponsible publications and blackmail to a stop.

Meanwhile, the president of the Niger Delta justice group said on Friday, August 19 that there was a scheme to implicate Jonathan so as to finally kill him in detention. He said: “Laughable as the allegations against Jonathan in the campaign of calumny already in the open, it cannot be taken for granted and waved aside as it is serious because they are desperate and anxious to accomplish their clandestine mission to malign, frame up and eliminate an innocent man.”He said.

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