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Behold! A new trick to use internet without buying data (MTN, others won’t like this)



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This will interest a lot of data users in Nigeria. However, it is a simple legal practice that MTN or any of the telecommunications company won’t be able to fight.
As it has been reported that subscribers to mobile telecommunications services in Nigeria spent about N767.23bn on airtime purchase from November 2018 to January 2019. It is then no gain saying that if many people are armed with this knowledge it could become a disaster for the financial graphs of the companies selling data.
And that figure is only based on the number of subscribers in the three months under review, which was obtained from the Nigerian Communications Commission, and the industry’s Average Revenue Per User provided by network operators.
In November 2018, the monthly subscriber data from NCC showed that there were 168.73 million active GSM subscribers from MTN, Globacom, Airtel and 9mobile.
In the following month, the data indicated that the number of active subscribers rose to 172. 63 million while in January 2019, the country had 173.63 million active GSM users.
With the telecommunications companies’ ARPU amounting to $4.87 (N1490.22) per month, Nigerians spent N251.44bn on airtime in November 2018. Based on the same estimated monthly revenue per user in the industry, expenses on airtime purchase increased by two per cent to reach N257.04bn in December 2018.
In January this year, about N258.74bn was expended by active Nigerian subscribers on airtime, giving a total of N767.23bn in the three months under review.
Sales of airtime remain the core revenue earner for telcos and generate income for operators via voice calls, SMS, data subscriptions and value-added services.
Data is particularly key, as more and more people now result to making less direct voice calls and sms. A large number of users now prefer to use data for calls and messages. That is, Whatsapp calls, Whatsapp messages and the likes are now in vogue.
So if the people can find a way to bypass the telecommunication operators and their airtime. They will gladly jump at it. And a Google search will take you to numerous such alternatives.
It’s funny and unbelievable but it seems people are now using the Internet without the INTERNET. Or let’s just say for free.
This link below takes you to one of such very simple Facebook video of how to adjust your phone to free browsing:

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1 Comment

  1. Jamex raymound

    August 28, 2019 at 7:14 am

    To all Nigerian people is it proper that the president of Nigeria always buy expensive car???
    Please help me out

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