Buhari may be flown in Wednesday

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  • Presidency prepares for his arrival at Abuja Airport
Indications are rife that President Muhammadu Buhari may arrive the country on Wednesday, March 8, after about 40 days vacation in London, United Kingdom.
There were strong innuendos that the closure of the Nnamdi International Airport, Abuja, for renovation, was postponed because of the arrangements for the return of President Buhari.
Security sources told National Daily that security advice was against landing the President at Kaduna Airport, then, transiting him to Abuja, using a Chopper. The risk was said to be
too high in managing the President’s current situation.
The security advice was revealed to have guided the decision to postpone of the closure of the Abuja International Airport after the Minster of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, had announced the closure of the Abuja Airport.  
Acting President Yemi Osinbajo was revealed by a Presidency source to have met with some of Buhari’s men last week when he told them to brace up for the return of their boss this week.
The long vacation of President Buhari in the United Kingdom and the medical check associated with the vacation generated unnecessary controversies across the country, particularly, within the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). The controversies further caused tension in the country with the earlier rumour of his death.
In attempts to disprove the death rumour, ‘managers’ of the President began to release pictures of President Buhari with certain APC leaders who visited him in the UK. The pictures merely generated further controversies than convincing Nigerians.
Then, again, media reports were flooded with headlines that President Buhari has spoken to certain persons.  Many citizens were skeptical that the President was really speaking to the individuals; they argued that he would rather have spoken to Nigerian citizens through federal government’s broadcast stations or the foreign media, as he used to do. this skepticism deepened the controversies over the President’s vacation.
National Daily investigation revealed, however, that these controversies were wholesomely
uncalled but instigated by some party leaders who were desperate for power, working on the political calculus that may not be able to continue with the pressure of leadership on return to the country. There were insinuations of a cabal cutting off APC leaders from information about the President’s health status or his general well-being. However, in the configuration of the latent power manipulations, renowned political actors in the ruling were playing their games with caution and uncertainty.
The anticipated arrival of the President will put to an end all the speculations on his health status and reinforce activities in the Presidency. Activities in the Presidency were notice to have been slowed since President Buhari proceeded on vacation overseas.
President Buhari proceeded on vacation in January 2017, to London; He was expected to resume duty on February 6 but, on Sunday, February 5, the President transmitted another letter to the National Assembly, extending the medical leave indefinitely.
While going on vacation, President Buhari requested that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo assumes the powers of an Acting President pending when he returns.