Buruji’s legacy of shame: Happy to choose death to US jail

The death of late Senator Buruji Kashamu, formerly representative of Ogun East in the National Assembly, has continued to generate unusual controversies. The controversies signify a shift from the conventional fanfare of shielding the evils of a man and saying positive things about the dead even under pretense which appear to represent the legacy  of Senator Kashamu.

Some individuals were not comfortable with former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s letter to Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State where he pointed out that “life and history of the departed have lessons for those of all us on this side of the veil.”

The former President recalled that “Senator Esho Jinadu (Buruji Kashmu) is his lifetime used the maneuver of law and politics to escape from facing justice on alleged criminal offence in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. But np legal, political, cultural, social or even medical maneuver could stop the cold hand of death when the Creator of all us decides that the time is up.”

Another stakeholder in the Nigerian project has expressed that people who deserved no respect while they were alive also deserves none after death. He argued that there is no pint of shedding tears in respect for a man who at best, should be happy death was better than serving time in a US jail. The stakeholder considered it unnecessary or undeserving that Dr. Reuben Abati had to wept over the death of Buruji while on Channels Television.

However, as much as an individual may be bad, there will always be a few persons who benefit from such individual and will always show solidarity at death no matter the public judgment.

The stakeholder, accordingly, declared:  “if Nigeria must make any progress, we as a people must shed the weight of our foolishness.

“We must purge ourselves of the correctness in showing respect for the dead, who while alive were people that deserved none.

“I really would not have bothered about making any comment on the death of Kashamu Buruji, an individual I find not deserving of one, except for the pathetic show by Reuben Abati on Channels TV, shedding tears in respect for a man who at best, should be happy death was better than serving time in a US jail.

“Just last week, I questioned the tributes and honour given to Ismaila Funtua, only to have a worse example of celebrating the dead pop up in Buruji, a man of questionable character and whose extradition was filed by the US in 2018 over drug trafficking charges.

“Buruji as I will continue to call him, because he does not earn my respect to call him Senator, has no immunity, but has fought his extradition to go clear his name.

“Like most Nigerian “Tokunbo Criminals” who are elected officers today, he claimed it was a case of mistaken identity.

“But isn’t going over to America to answer to the charges, the best way of clearing the issue and name?

“Buruji fought to make that opportunity impossible and while living under the cloud of being a drug baron, the society celebrated him.

“The National Association of Nigerian Students, honoured him with its Man of the Year Award and he served out a full term in the Senate.

“You would have thought that with his past, he should have been left to live out his life in the shame of being a wanted man, but no, not in a society like ours where we must give opportunity to revere criminals and immortalize their criminality in flowery tribute.

“Honestly, if not for Reuben Abati, I would have let it go, but to see him shed tears for Buruji and call him “mentor” really stuck in my craw.

“So, Buruji is now the measure of who and what we should aspire to be?

“I can understand NANS seeing Buruji as a role model after all a lot of them aspire to being drug barons or whatever else it takes as long as “kin sa ti l’owo”, but my heart sank hearing the words uttered by Reuben Abati.

“It was doubly numbing because it evidently was not a simple matter of correctness, in not speaking ill of the dead, but he really meant it.

“Thank God, people like Reuben are not Him, because if they were, Buruji would not only have escaped jail, and would have cheated death.”

This stakeholder appeared to have similar observations and conclusion like former President Obasanjo.


  1. Kashamu buruji has played his part and has died in honour and buried with respect,,and for those making nasty comments about kashamu should wait for their time,, I’m also disappointed with obasanjo statement over kashamu both in death and while alive but god knows the best

  2. What lessons are the youths learning from our leaders, no matter the amount of wealth we acquire on earth, we are going to die one day, honesty is the best policy.

  3. I don’t believe Esho Jinadu (Buruju Kasamu) died a natural death, I stand to be corrected, he committed suicide in other to avoid extradition to USA.
    When are we Nigerians going to put wisdom and sensibility in our daily live. We glorify thieves and economic saboteurs to our detriment.
    May people like him die inglorious death