Christ Embassy lights up Abuja with Faith and Miracles Crusade

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By Ifeanyi Izeze

Just like in the Bible days residents of Abuja, the Federal Capital city of Nigeria, witnessed an unprecedented outpouring of blessings and the entire city was agog as Christ Embassy hosted its much-awaited mega crusade in the city centre on the Friday 3rd of September 2021. It was nothing short of an outright demonstration of audacious and unyielding faith as salvation, healing, deliverance and miracles characterized the event.

As explained by the Pastor of Christ Embassy Abuja Zone, Pastor Dipo Fisho, “the Abuja Faith and Miracle Crusade (AFMC) was an outreach programme orchestrated by the Spirit of God. And our Man of God Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome D.Sc DD blessed the programme. He gave the word and told us to go forth and hold the crusade to touch the city of Abuja and its environs with God’s power.”

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And as usually said by the President of Loveworld Nation, no two meetings are ever the same. This was clearly noticeable in the peculiarity of the hunger for the presence of God demonstrated by the attendees at the Faith and Miracle Crusade.

“And the multitude followed,” is best way to aptly describe the attendance, and the character of the participants as recorded at the event.

Those who know would agree that Abuja is a very stratified society and to the glory of God, all strata of the city and its environs were fully represented in the massive attendance recorded at the event including scores of traditional rulers of several communities in and around the city.

The meeting kicked off with the Mass Choir leading the congregation in praise and worship and also featured various prayer sessions led by senior pastors in the zone. At the opening ceremony, there was an awesome display of talents from the members of the zone as superbly choreographed numbers and inspiring dances had everyone on their feet giving vent to blissful sounds and steps. There were also soul lifting and inspiring songs from several music ministers of the zone.

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Led by Jessy Bassey, the Christ Embassy Abuja Zonal Choir was amazing as they led the congregation in praise and worship that set up the required atmosphere for miracles which gave increase to the manifestation of the Spirit and the ministry of angels in the arena.

In his welcome address, the Chairman of the Organising Committee, the Pastor Deji Ajibewa, told the attendees that “God has planned specially and has definite packages for every participant. “Open your hearts to receive, all you have to pay is attention,” he said.

When the Zonal Pastor of Christ Embassy Abuja, Pastor Dipo Fisho, stepped unto the podium to minister, he came out in the fullness of the Spirit and it was a total experience indeed,” as he ministered.

The cleric, in his message, introduced the congregation to the “Three Cardinal Gifts of God” which includes: Righteousness, the Holy Spirit and Eternal life. He said, “what God cares about the most in the earth is the souls of men. He loves the world of humans, not things, we are the object of His love. So, God gave you the very important gifts as an indication of His care for your wellness and wellbeing. All the three blessings must be gifted to you by God as it is too big for you to work it out.” He emphasised that “eternal life is what we must have here to get to heaven, not when we get to heaven.”

As the Zonal Pastor proceeded to declare healing to the people, he also ministered and led many to Christ. All over the arena, the tangible power of God was manifest that could be felt and touched.

The programme recorded mind-blowing diverse healing miracles: several deaf ears unstopped, cases of issue of blood healed, diabetes, high blood pressure, paralysis as a result of stroke amongst several other infirmities were completely healed during the crusade.

How else can anyone describe the Abuja Faith and Miracle Crusade (AFMC) if not to say it was indeed a total experience of the miraculous? The outreach was remarkably a harvest of souls as those that came out to give their lives to Christ were in their thousands.

And remarkably, everyone that received salvation at the event received a copy of the Rhapsody Bible.

Christ Embassy Abuja Zone had previously held four of such major crusades back-to-back and all were resounding successes: Night of Bliss Gwagwalada; Total Experience Gwarimpa; Unforgettable Experience, Kubwa; and Night of Bliss Suleja. However, the success of this year’s Abuja Faith and Miracle Crusade was superlative and the fame of the awe-inspiring success is being celebrated and noised abroad by the massive online audience that connected to the various platforms.

Through it all, our faith in the Word and name of Jesus produced the hundreds of outstanding healing miracles recorded at the Abuja crusade. Throughout the crusade, there was joy unspeakable and full of glory. The tangibility of the glory of His presence was undeniable, and we give God all the praise and adoration.