Ekiti Diocese charges Christians on steadfastness, fervent prayers

As Year 2016 gradually steps in, Christians have been charged on steadfastness and optimism in their course of prayers.
As contained in the Advent/Christmas message issued and signed by Rt. Bishop S. O. Oke
“Advents Precedes Christmas. Christ says “I am coming soon as found in Revelations 22: 18-21. We may be the last generation that is living at the edge of the coming of the lord
“Only God knows when Christ would return. The Bible in Matthew 24:36-37 tells us that “it would be as in the days of Noah…” People ate and drink freely, but the flood came on them suddenly”
Christians are also warned that “the signs of Christ second coming are here: Famine, hurricanes, earthquakes, wars, Boko Haram,
“Statistics say that 300 earthquakes have occurred between 1863 and 2011 (a period of 148years – about 2 quakes a year.
The message which calls for the release of Chibok girls  also advised the  Federal Government  “to fund the FADAMA3 in order to increase food production”.
The Christmas message enumerates  the correlation of the word ‘Advent’ to the coming of Jesus Christ.
  “Advent is derived from “Ad” “Vent” translated the second coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus, the Christ: in His incarnation as a baby and then as a judge”
Advice is given to youth to be hard working and embark on Agriculture.
  Meaningful stakeholders in the society like politicians, civil servants , traders, teachers and parents are also charged on moral conducts in their various endeavour.