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Ex-minister says President full of himself, lists other shocking attitudes at Buhari’s book launch



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In what sounds like a backhanded compliment, a former Minister of Sports Solomon Dalung has described President Muhammadu Buhari as self-righteous.

Dalung was speaking at the Army Resource Centre, Abuja, during the lunch of ‘Buhari in Us’, a written by Haruna Abdullahi.

In the course of listing all the superlatives about the president, Dalung said Buahri is like an angel, an ideologue, a goodie, and a one-track mind.

“Buhari has not changed,” he said.

“But Buhari is like an angel who is invited to dance in the mould and Nigerians expect him to return to heaven with a clean robe. Certainly, it would not happen.”

Listing the second problem of Buhari, the ex-minister noted the president “believes so much in himself and insists on doing what is right.”

“But he also does not believe that the environment upon which he operates is different from what he is.”

And the last problem, according to him, is bad luck.

“Buhari is one of the most unfortunate leaders who meant well for the country but so many people who are supposed to help him succeed are just folding their arms watch him and say ‘do it let’s see!’,” he said.

“And it is the ‘do it let’s see’ syndrome that has made the Buhari government subject of attacks from Nigerians.”

Most Nigerians, especially the PDP and other critics attacking Buhari however believe the people around him are the ones running his government—that the president and his party APC are no longer in control.

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