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Fayose takes on Buhari, APC says Nigerians are hungry



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In a series of twists from the Governor of Ekiti State, South West Nigeria. Mr Peter Ayodele Fayose. He took on President Muhammadu Buhari and the ruling All Progressives Congress saying among other things that there is massive hunger in the land and the administration need to buckle up as it approaches two years in power.

#GovFayose: Let me appreciate Nigerians again and thank you for inviting me over. I didn’t beg or lobby for the position of PDP Governors’ Forum,  I don’t want to join issues with Senator Buruji Kasamu, when he becomes a governor, he may have his input on what governor does.

#GovFayose: I can always speak my mind on issues without being the Chairman,  being a Chairman of PDP Governors is an added advantage.

#GovFayose: I told you a dictator starts with someone,they started with the politicians, then the judiciary,  now they are on Journalists.

#GovFayose: My predictions are already coming to pass, watch out.

#GovFayose: As at today, we have lost more than 2000MW of electricity.

#GovFayose: The Chibok girls  story was a ruse, it was orchestrated to oust former president Jonathan.

#GovFayose: On Chibok girls, even Ekiti State, the Fountain of Knowledge does not have any school where 250 pupils will be writing Physics at the same time, Physics students that can’t speak English language.

#GovFayose: I  don’t follow multitudes to lie, I am a blunt person,  you may not like me but you have to live with it,  people are at liberty to  choose what to believe.

#GovFayose: On North East,  the Nigerian government created an IDP camp, the same government went there to bomb them. The government should have made inquiries,  not to tell us that it was just a mistake.

#GovFayose: A good leader use carrot and stick approach, that is what they need do in the Niger Delta.

#GovFayose: This government does not have an economic plan that can last the test of time.

#GovFayose: I am not here to massage ego, the FG should begin to fulfil the previous promises, enough of these empty promises.


#GovFayose: Salaries are being owed, I am owing 4 months and I rank 2nd in terms of regular salary payment in the South-West. This month, I got #1.4b as allocation(Ekiti State wage bill is about #2.6b monthly).

#GovFayose: On agriculture,  I am spending N500m on land clearing in each LG.

#GovFayose: SSS submitted a damning report on Magu yet nothing was done, the same SSS  report forced judges to step down. It’s different laws for different people in this administration.

#GovFayose: The protest at EFCC of against my emergence as Chairman of PDP Governors’ Forum  is political, they are miscreants, if they have anything against me, they should keep their gun powder dry till I am through in 2018.

#GovFayose: Thanks for having me here Seun, let’s have another time to talk extensively but for now, tell Mr. President to do something very quickly about the hunger ravaging Nigeria.