Ferdinand Udoh dedicates 4th consecutive Nigeria Pitch Referee  Award

Nigeria Pitch Award is one set aside to recognize and reward the best as regards Nigeria football professionals both within and outside the shore of the country. So when an individual wins it on several occasions, it points to the quality of such a person.

This has been the case of FIFA-badged referee, Ferdinand Udoh who on Monday evening won the Nigeria Pitch Referee of the Year award for the 4th consecutive year going to show the level of professionalism he has shown on a very consistent manner.

National Daily caught up with Nigeria’s most recognized referee and he was very excited to have won the award yet again despite the ever improving quality of the other referees in the NPFL.

“First of all, I will like to give the glory to God for his award and also appreciate the organizers who deem me a worthy recipient.”

On how he has been so successful, Referee Udoh said, “Well it is not about how hard I work or my personality but it has been God because the Bible says it not him the wills or him that works but God that shows mercies. So I just thank God for giving me the intelligence and all the necessary attributes I needed to get to where I am today.”

The graduate of Geology from the University of Ilorin, Ferdinand Udoh concluded by once again dedicated the award to God.