Fuji House of Commotion’s boy now a man

Joshua Ojo is the CEO of Davinci Effects and Filmcity Inc   . Call him one of Nigeria’s most hardworking and successful movie producers. Remember that boy in the popular family tv series ”Fuji House of Commotion’? Well he is now a man. He spoke with  National Daily newspaper’s  Esther Egbe recently about how he got started in Nollywood and more.

What is the movie Berger all about?

Berger is a Nigerian historical movie. Set in the 70s, shortly after the Biafra war, a lot happened to a German construction company trying to build a bridge across the Aiye river,at itokin village, ijebu. The story is based on the true accounts. The Casts: Akin Lewis,Yinka Quadri, Aderupoko, Feyikemi Olayinka, Jude Orhora,Deola Oshin, David ojo. and many more. It was produced and directed by Joshua Ojo under Filmcity Inc/ Davinci Filmwork.

What’s your plan for 2018?

I’ve got so many plans.  Lots of projects on my table and we are kicking off first with the high budget film SANGO.

How did you get into flim making and directing ?

Acting has been on my mind right from when I was a kid.  I started with TV commercials but later crossed into Nollywood. though I’ll still embrace any commercial if it comes. I started acting in 1997,but regarding filmmaking,i didn’t just jumped into it like everyone.After my graduation,  I went to Itpan film school  here in Nigeria to study directing then few months later I went to study film making at NYFA.

What are your challenges in the entertainment industry?

Getting the right funds to tell a story. But God has been faithful.

How were you discovered ?

Okay, it’s a long story.  I did few commercials like I said so that made it a little bit easy for me.  I could remember that I used to attend movie auditions back then (1997-98) with my friend Kingsley.  Then I went for another audition organized by USAIS & MEDIA INTERNATIONAL.  For a TV series  (Tightrope)  that was my first major.  And I did Fuji House of Commotion next,  plying games 1/2/3 by Tade Ogidan  and the rest follows.

How would you describe your strength as a showbiz personality?

I really can’t say.  Because I’m yet to find out who I am.

Can you compare five years  ago and now— what is the different?

Yes,  a lot I must say.  I wrote Sanford over 13 years ago but the technology back then wasn’t strong enough so I dropped it.  But right now what we have is awesome.  I can play with a whole lot of stuff  thanks to modern technology. It has really helped  those who have great projects.   But we still need to improve on distribution.

When was your greatest moment as a filmmaker?

Every time I pick up my new movie script is a great moment for me.  Right now it’s all about Sango and I’m super excited about it.