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His Holiness Francis says he’s unholy



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Pope Francis, in his fort-coming book entitled The Name of God is Mercy—to be published in 86 countries—has told the world he’s a sinner in need of God’s mercy.

“When we feel God’s mercy, we really are ashamed of ourselves. Despite all our past of wretchedness and sin, God remains faithful to us and raises us up,” he was quoted as saying by news agency AFP.

His Holiness also counsels the Catholic Church and other papists to see themselves as a practical grassroots church.

Referencing the Jubilee Year he instituted December 8, themed Divine Mercy, the pope noted the Church must condemn sin for truth’s sake. “But at the same time, it must embrace the sinner who acknowledges what he is.”

He said he believes the jubilee will show the “face of a Church which is rediscovering the womb of mercy”.

Francis has been described as a leftist vicar of the Apostle Peter for his care for the minorities, and liberal approaches to religion.

To illustrate his point with his special relationship with prisoners, the pope said but for God, he, too, could have ended up a jailbird. “Their fall could have been mine. I don’t feel superior to those in front of me.

Extolling the virtues in mercy and shame, His Holiness recognized the power of “shame,” describing it as guidance from God for providing a moral path.

The book comprises interviews, among other contents, by Vatican reporter Andrea Tornielli.