Intel partners Diamond bank, others on affordable ICT solutions

Intel has announced an initiative to educate and bring more accessible and affordable ICT solutions to Nigerians as part of their continued commitment to the economic growth of Nigeria.

Speaking at a press conference to announce the initiative, Intel’s Regional Director for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META), Cigdem Ertem, said the initiative intends to improve ICT skills in youths and entrepreneurs in Nigerians, working closely with Airtel, Diamond Bank, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Techno, RLG and Zinox.

While highlighting the benefits of PC adoption in growing the economy, Ertem stated that the program will further help bridge the gap in innovation and entrepreneurship which in turn fosters diversification. “The objective of this initiative is to help Nigerians better understand how an affordable PC that has more functionality and features can improve their lives,” he explained.

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“At Intel, we are committed to enriching lives through technology but most importantly empowerment through programs that are aimed at equipping people with the right technology skills sets. The joint PC adoption initiative is one of the ways we will urge consumers to pursue their passions and creativity using the latest PC devices powered by Intel® processor.”

He said Intel is committed to increasing investments to achieve the goals of the program, such as: such as; educate and inform Nigerians on the benefits of a computer, expand and create more opportunities where consumers can experience first-hand the products and leverage programs that will offer consumers a flexible option of payment.

“This will be a multi-year program that leverages partnerships from both private organizations and the Government to ensure that a Laptop and internet are affordable and accessible to Nigerians from all walks of life. The goal is to expand the laptop and broadband market reach to other states, partnering with Diamond Bank and Airtel to achieve a truly smart and connected Nigeria.”