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Is FFK scared of Dino Melaye?



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Femi Fani Kayode has stylishly blasted celebrities and politicians like Dino Melaye who show off their wealths on social media.
FFK said it’s only those who knew poverty when they were young that would take to social media to constantly flaunt their wealth.
“The only people that find it necessary to constantly flaunt their wealth & shove it in the faces of others are those the French & British describe as the “nouveau riche” who suffer from low self-esteem, who never had wealth when they were young & who were born into poverty,” FFK said.
“Once they find money or money finds them they feel they have to display it to prove they have arrived. It is pitiful. This is especially so when the person that is afflicted in this way is uneducated & never went to school. You can’t buy class. You either have it or you don’t.”
At once people felt he was referring to Dino Melaye. But FFK quickly added.
“I am not referring to ANYBODY particularly here but it is just a general assertion. Those that assume that I am referring to my dear aburo @dino_melaye are wrong. He is a good man, he is well-educated & he never knew poverty when he was young.Omo oluwabi ni Dino!”

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