Lagos PDP : My Suspension plot, mere tantrums by APC moles – Adewale

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A Peoples Democratic Party stalwart, Otunba Segun Adewale has flayed his purported suspension story, which suddenly surfaced in the national dallies as a baseless and unscrupulous attempt to militate against all genuine moves, to break the manacles of perpetual infiltration of the party’s ranks in Alimosho and Lagos state by All Progressives Congress moles.
Adewale further claims the said moles are  working assiduously to stall PDP’s victory at polls.
He faulted the suspension branded by a group of individuals led by Alhaji Solagbade Abbas an Alimosho PDP official, whose tenure ends in two months as surreptitious coming barely a month to the local council polls.
He noted that the decision was not in conformity with constitutional provisions as it is enshrined therein that he should be heard on any allegations levelled against him.
According to the PDP Southwest exofficio, the moves to have him suspended was ill motivated by funny characters within the party, who were hell bent on trading off the political fortunes of the party to their paymasters in the All Progressives Congress party for filthy lucre.
He noted further that it is already a recurring decimal, that for every election year in a space of four years, the PDP’s camp gets pillaged by APC moles, whose intents are purely to sabotage any focused move targeted at delivering victory for the party.
Adewale’s suspension by every intentions and purposes was not constitutional at all, as inherent proviso that relates with disciplinary actions therein stipulates that he should be heard, at no point was he invited or allowed to defend himself,he however urged PDP faithful to give their best for the council poll as victory is sure.
He added that Solagbade and his allies ought to be queried on why they decided to brew animosity in the party by suspending him one month to the council election slated to hold on July 24 and barely two months to the expiration of their tenure as party officials.
He said this further confirms that they are working for APC to scuttle PDP chances of winning.
“I want to state unequivocally that the purported suspension is barely a month to LG election is a script written by APC moles in PDP, which clearly lacks constitutional backing as the party’s constitution allows me to be heard but I received no such invitation whether digital or manual to answer any questions on the allegations filed against me, before any decision was taken.
“All the allegations are frivolous and baseless as most of the claims and allegations were from 2018-2019. Why didn’t they take action before,why wait till now when election is 30 days away?
“Also it is on record that they never sat or meet at the designated official PDP LGA secretariat and ward addresses known to our constitution.
“At an appointed time my lawyers will file suit in a court of competent jurisdiction for defamation of my name in the national dailies.
“I however, urge loyal members of PDP not to be deterred by the, antics of this moles. Whose stuck in trade has been perpetual creation of tensions and troubles whenever any general election is in view .
“It is a fact that I singlehandedly  facilitated and made Solagbade, who prior to now was a nobody as well as the rest of the excos making moves to suspend me, with the turn of event now as the case stand they are traitors, who have now aligned for pecuniary returns from my political detractors.
He maintained that rather than suspend him,Solagbade and his cliques are the ones due for indefinite suspension.
“Instead Solagbe and his cohorts are the ones who ought to be placed on indefinite suspension from the party, for not attending meetings for over 3 years at the registered PDP LG addresses but rather covet APC owned locations.
“As a law abiding PDP leader, I’ll be waiting for the formal invitation and address to attend the disciplinary committe set up any day .
“I know Aregbe /Yayi control PDP in alimosho for fear of the unknown because if PDP wins Alimosho,winning Lagos State will be a easy task, but I’ll continue to fight for the liberation of PDP in alimosho.” Adewale reiterates.
The suspension story has however been dispelled earlier today by the State Chairman Deji Doherty, stating the importance of respect for leaders in the party which Adewale is cardinal been a zonal leader at that.
He also issued a week ultimatum for amicable resolution by PDP leaders in Alimosho,failure of which the state structure will take up the matter.