Man loses wife, turns teenage daughter to bedmate, impregnates her

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A father who impregnated his daughter along the PDP road Uenehoa, in Bayelsa has been arrested by the police.

The suspect, Baridap Needman, 38, hails from Ogani Wily Kaira village in Ogoni, Rivers State.

The  state gender advocacy group, Gender Response Initiative Team (GRIT), brought he petition to the police..

Neighbours tipped off GRIT tipped off the GRIT when they noticed that the victim was five months pregnant and the father was responsible for the pregnancy.

Needman started sleeping with his daughter since the age of 7 by fingering the girl, but the situation got worst when the victim’s mother died few years ago.

He began having sexual affairs with her constantly.

According to neighbours, while the 14-year-old girl, who is in Junior Secondary School 3 student, sleeps on the same bed with the father in their apartment, the younger brothers were sleeping on the floor.

The matter which was reported by GRIT team to Ekeki Police Division led to the arrest of the father.

The Chairperson of the GRIT, Dise Ogbise Esq, while confirming the incident to newsmen, said that the advocacy group will collaborate with the state Ministry of Women Affairs to offer psycho-social the girl support before and after delivery.

“Abortion is not an option and the two brother have been handed to their family member for proper care. The girl will be in government custody and she needs to go back to school. Her dream is to be a musician and we will encourage her,” she said.

Police authorities said the suspect is in detention for further investigation.