Nigerian Army trains female combatant soldiers


The Nigerian Army, in Jos, Plateau State, revealed that the Army is building a corps of professional combatant female soldiers for deployment at short notice for various operations in any part of the country.

At the Women Corps training week in Jos, the Commander, Brigadier General Preye Fakrogha, said the corps aims at harnessing the unique capabilities of women in the military.

The Nigerian Army Women Corps was created in 2018, it brings together female personnel for specialized training, identifying their unique challenges and creating a conducive environment for them to excel.

The objective is also to ensure more women are involved in active combat operations, instead of the usual relegation to passive duties.

At the training week, the Nigerian army authorities are taking a look at ways to improve the combat readiness of female personnel.

Already, female soldiers are undergoing training and. deployment in counter-terrorism, intelligence gathering, humanitarian service, security support, and escort duties.