Oba of Benin reiterates ban on CDAs in Edo

The royal throne of the Benin Kingdom has cautioned that the restrictions on Community Development Associations (CDAs) in Edo State are still in place.

Accordingly, the Oba of Benin, Omo N’Oba Ewuare II, hosting the Benin Christian Community led by Reverend Godspower Ogbomwan at his palace, after one week New Year prayers in Benin City reiterated that the banning of Community Development Associations (CDAs) throughout the Benin kingdom is still in force. The Oba cautioned  the re-emerging CDAs in different communities in Benin Kingdom, insisting that the emerging CDAs will not survive in the kingdom.

The Royal Father admonished those District Heads, the Enigie, cooperating with deviant youths to violate the order from the throne, noting they would face the full wrath of the law, the anger of the gods and disastrous ancestral consequences.

Omo N’Oba Ewuare II lamented the rising insecurity in the country, denoting the crimes and violence across Nigeria as deviation from family values and traditional and cultural norms of the land.  The Royal Father admonished religious leaders to desist from practices that are inimical to societal growth. Omo N’ Ewuare II, however, commended the Benin Christian Community, assuring that he would continue to offer prayers and other spiritual exercises for the good of the state.

Reverend Osama Usualele, had taken a bible citation from 2 Chronicles 6: 26-31, emphasised that God does not renege in fulfilling his promises to his children when they truly obey his commandments the Reverend maintained that absolute repentance from wicked ways was the key for God’s forgiveness and open heaven of peace and blessings for the land.