Odianosen Okojie: A Royal and Political Prince, with Tremendous Goodwill

By Godswill Inegbe.

Today, I have the pleasure of celebrating a royalty, great politician, exceptional father, awesome husband and an activist of the gospel of christ, on the joyous occasion of the anniversary of his birthday.

Prince Odi Okojie, is a household name in Uromi, headquarters of Esan North East LGA in particular, and Esanland in general.

His overwhelmingly popularity, likeness and acceptability is not only based on the fact, that, he has a royal blood running on his vein, but, because of his humanitarian activities and his type of politics that promote progress, prosperity and wellbeing, among his vast followers, that are mostly youths and women.

Top among the fantastic qualities of Prince Odi, as he is popularly called, is the quality of being dependable or reliable. He is trustworthy, as such, his vast followers don’t hesitate to give a leap of faith to his words.

Prince Odi Okojie, is not just only Prince of Uromi Kingdom Royalty, but, also in the Political firmament or spectrum of Esanland!

Prince Odi Okojie is an entrepreneur that has created job opportunity for high numbers of youths, and same-vein, assisted many to travel abroad with their human dignity intact and respected, in their pursuit of their dreams.

Prince Odi Okojie is an unapologetic activist of the gospel of christ. He is married to a humble extraordinary talented popular nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie, and they are blessed with lovely kids.

Prince Odi Okojie is a former Aspirant for Federal House of Representatives in Edo State.

  • Culled from Facebook