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Omo Agege: The facts of the matter; a response to his responses



Omo-Agege and His 50 Lies
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By Chief Olori Magege

I received many responses to my articles on the person and character of Senator Ovie Augustine Omo Agege. Many of the responses exhibited a lack of understanding of the issues raised by me. It was clear they did not read the articles or simply lacked the ability to read a simple prose. Others were too warped to warrant a response.

I raised the issue of Chief Peter Okocha the Ibusa Chief and a billionaire politician and businessman and how Ovie betrayed him. I mentioned names of persons who were in the know of the shameful saga. Till date no response whatsoever from the Ovie camp beyond primordial sentiments.

I raised the issue of the Federal Polytechnic, Orogun as well. Ovie simply grabbed the idea from Kwale and ran with it. The grouse of my Orogun friends is that since my Orogun community is the beneficiary of the school project I should be happy and quiet.

We live by higher standards of bridge building, not fence building. By stealing the idea mooted, initiated, and nurtured by the Ndokwa Nation in the Hallowed Chambers of the National Assembly, Ovie has built a wall between the Ndokwas and the Urhobos. Now he needs their votes to achieve his life ambition. Let us see how many votes he will get from the three Local Governments of the Ndokwa Nation. The chicken has come home to roost.

On Osanebi who is Ovie’s running mate, I have pity for him. He will be the most uncelebrated and impotent Deputy Governor in Delta State history if, by mistake, Ovie wins. Osanebi would be so castrated that his security would be Ndokwa vigilantes armed with dane guns and machetes. That is what Ovie will turn him into. And if he dares raise an eyebrow he will be impeached. Poor Osanebi, he does not know what is coming for him. I strongly advise Osanebi to approach Chief Ogboru for a free tutorial.

On the land of Ugono Orogun people whom Ovie grabbed and donated to the Federal Government, I repeat here, not ONE person has been compensated for their land. Not one. I challenge Ovie to publish the names, if any, of the land owners where the Polytechnic is sited who have been paid. The truth is that there is no Deed of Conveyance signed on the property by the landlords and Ovie. There is no documentation whatsoever. Ovie simply jumped into the land dispossessed the owners and ran with the land. What a tyrant. Ovie should just come clean on the Ugono land and compensate the landowners.

The simple fact of the matter is that Ovie knows he will not win the election, hence he is busy sponsoring court cases questioning the qualification of Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori. He is counting on the court to declare him a winner the Uzodinma style.
Ovie is an expert on shopping for judgement. In the heat of the mace saga when the Senate wanted to probe the shameful incident, he ran to the court and, by fraud, restrained the Senate from probing the saga. When the noise of his escapade in the United States refused to die down, Ovie approached a court both as a plaintiff (by proxy) and as a defendant in the same case where curiously the judge declared him free of actions committed in a foreign land. Such is the dexterity of Ovie at abusing court processes to achieve his sinister ends.

But Ovie will not come even second in the election not to talk of winning it. And there will be no supreme court-appointed Governor in Delta State.

© Olorogun Olori Magege writes from Ugono Orogun.

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