Rita Dominic talks about wealth, social media

Popular Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic, has shared a few words on how people use social media.
According to Miss Dominic, social media has now become a yardstick for people to measure wealth.
The actress, however, frowned on this idea as she pointed out that some people don’t readily flaunt their wealth.
Miss Dominic also pointed out that, because someone doesn’t post a flashy lifestyle, it doesn’t mean they are broke.
The actress went further to advise people to stay happy and live their best and truest selves.


  1. An intelligent statement from an intelligent mind.
    What does a man or woman stand to gain flaunting his or her accomplishments on social media? It is an unhealthy way of blowing one’s trumpet and the consequences far outweighs the purported goal of seeking men’s approval.