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Tension in Syria over US bomb attack in Damascus



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  • Russia warns of declaration of war

Tension mounts in Syria over possible bomb attack by the United States of America since Saturday evening that President Donald Trump of the US ordered airstrikes on Damascus, Syria, while Russia cautioned that such an attack may endanger its forces there, and may be considered a declaration of war.

The relationship between Russia and the United States is becoming unfriendly since Russia tested its newly developed nuclear missile, signaling resumption of armament after series of treaties on disarmament to cut down on weapons of mass destruction acquired by both super powers and other emergent world powers.

The US has been restless since the development of nuclear capability in Syria and had for long insisted on the removal of the Syrian leader, President Assad, and democratization of the country. The US Government has provided immeasurable military support for the rebels fighting top unseat the Syrian leader while Russia deployed its troops in defense of the Syrian leader.

It was gathered that in Lebanon, the social media was abuzz on Saturday with many predicting an imminent military strike on Syria by American ships recently deployed to the gulf zone.

Salah Albandar , a professor of International relations at Cambridge University, revealed that  the decision to strike Syria and Lebanon was being discussed with some Arab nations, including Saudi Arabia.

In Lebanon, the professor argued, American forces would attempt to strike Hizbullah with the involvement of Israel, which is trying to convince NATO to join as well.

It was said that after leaks from Russian intelligence agency, Hizbullah forces began vacating bases in Syria, and returning to Lebanon.

Sources quoted people close to the Russian Chief of Staff as saying that the United States had recently deployed a strong force along the Syrian border and had identified selected targets to be hit from the sea.

Rex Tillerson was removed by President Trump this week as Secretary of State. Some argued that he was booted out because he opposed any war in Syria, Iran or against Hizbullah in Lebanon.

The State Department recently warned that President Assad’s latest assault on his people in East of Damascus (East Ghouta) had crossed the line.

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