UN appoints former President Jonathan Global Crises Envoy

Nigerians divided over Jonathan
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The United Nations (UN) has appointed former President Goodluck Jonathan as UN Global Crises Envoy. The former Nigerian president, like the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK), Tony Blair, is the first African former leader to be appointed into the high international office for mediation in global crises.

The humility, charisma and peace initiative profile were highlighted by the body as the major credential for the appointment of the former Nigerian President for this highly technical global job.

Members of the global crisis interventionist and mediation body under the UN platform include the super powers – the United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), China, France, Russia and the United Nations.

According to the body, “a New UN Envoy is an Opportunity for a New Approach in global crisis, for example in Yemen. “The most important thing here is more than who gets the job but how UN member states and the mediator perceive its purpose, interpretations of which have limited the UN to the flawed two-party framework adopted since 2015.

“It is with this in mind, that the latest information and sourced current update indicated that Nigeria’s former President Goodluck Jonathan is now the New Envoy.

“His profile and record as a former executive started from being a lecturer to getting picked to contest as a deputy governor, holding the office of a Deputy Governor; from there becoming a governor; then, from the governor’s office becoming a Vice President to President Yar’Adua; due to issues he became the Acting President and from the Acting President’s position to President.

“He later won election as the President and was noted to be the first politician to hand-over election outcome to another party without any challenge, in a peaceful and humanly possible position.”

Former President Jonathan had visited President Muhammadu Buhari last week for undisclosed mission. In less than one week of the visit to the State House, Abuja, where he had a closed-door meeting with the president, the former president was offered a global appointment by world leaders.


  1. Glory to God for our amiable past president’s enthronement and recognition to upper Global Platform.

    Some rule and are limited to their domain of rulership because of mediocrity mindsets while others rule and transcend their domains because if liberally of spirit, peace loving and resourcefulness.

    God’s eyes are seeing, people are watching and seeing, the Global eyes of rulers are also watching to know who comes to; and is worthy of the Global scene.

    If you don’t overcome self, you won’t be known at the next door, if you don’t overcome familiars, you won’t be known in other compounds, if you don’t overcome ignorance and negative spirits in the bodies of men, you won’t be known in positive light in your community, if you do not have a greater sense of self control and good leadership control of others, you won’t be relevant in other States of your country; if you are not genuinly selfless and innovative, impacting others and many; positively, you won’t be recommended for National roles; if you are not proved to be generous, generating platforms, policies, and enabling environments for ethnical convergence, Religious diversities convergence/tolerance, ensuring Political space, peaceful and yielding high class social justice/Good governance ideals, disregarding human ego, desiring language barriers dismantling, making limitations to become ladders, turning barriers to bridges, problems to possibilities, mobilizing food security ideals and all that makes for total wellness cum corporate existence of humanity, such can’t be approved/recommended for Global Leadership.

    Above all, if we don’t overcome self (Flesh and Blood contents/works such as immorality, wickedness, fear, lies, disregard of others, rebellion, conspiracy, witchcraft, stealing, murder, soceries, enchantment, voodoo, hostage takings, pride, deceptions/swindling, etc); if we don’t overcome enimity with men – ourselves, spouses, sibling, parents, children, strangers, evil spirits, the devil and even God, Himself; if we don’t have the dominion over this earth realm; we are not qualified to access the Heaven of God, the Crown of the heavenly Glory shall not be offered to us as well as given the fruit of the Tree of Life that is in the midst of the Paradise of heaven – To him that overcometh shall be put over all Nations – REV. 2:7.

    Let him that have ears, hear what the Spirit of God says.

    Before any enthronement, is an overcoming of a huddle in form of an exam.

    Huddled can be made Paddles to propel men forward.

    Let no man say, I did not hear. Today is yet another day to make amends with God and men. Get disconnected from evil, the devil and the dark grave.

    Remain blessed.