4 reasons a woman cannot slim down on certain parts of her body

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When a woman begins to lose bone density, the bones become very weak and can break easily. That’s why if they fall, they easily have fractures in the pelvic area, ribs, arms, and legs.

The following are reasons why a woman cannot slim down in certain parts of her body:

1. When an older woman in her 60s or 70s falls, they easily break bones because of the weakness of their bones. When the bones become very weak, the body has a natural adaptation method to support the weak bones.

It begins to develop fat to pad the weak bones, especially her thighbones so that if she falls, she will not break the bone. The body manufactures fat to cushion that particular part of her weak bones well, so they won’t break easily.

2. This is why when they reach perimenopause or menopause, they begin to get enlarged in some particular parts of their bodies. It is a natural adaptation to cushion their bodies.

As she’s losing bone density, the body will be developing fat instead to cushion it.

3. If the bone is strong, then the fat will not develop. That’s why you find some women, no matter how hard they try to lose weight, every other part of their bodies will go down, but some particular parts of their bodies will still contain fat.

The fat in that particular part of their bodies will refuse to go away. This is because the body is putting the fat there to cushion the weak bones so that they don’t break easily.

4. However, once the body recognizes that the bone is now strong, the fat will easily melt away when you do something about your bones.

This is why older women should always eat foods that are high in calcium and that help balance the hormones in their bodies.

Examples of calcium-rich vegetables are green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and okra. Calcium-rich fruits are almonds, oranges, Mediterranean fruits, and nuts.

Examples of calcium-rich foods are beans, soy milk, beef bones, and fish. They also contain calcium, but it’s best if you eat them with the bones.