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4 Ways to win big on EPL day one fixtures (4 juicy codes inside)



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By Ediale Kingsley

The EPL new season is fast approaching and we punters and bettors are getting ready to turn our investment game on.

This is the best time to lock your bets down. Why?

Well, to start with the Bet Companies, Book Markers, Punters, all of us are on the same page. We all don’t know how good these teams can be or will be. So the odds can work better to our favor.

Future stakes also gives you the highest odds possible. As the book markers will start reducing the odds as the games approach. Ediale Kingsley is urging you to invest now.

The trick is to study and understand these teams well. Study stats, team strengths, weakness and the game changing factors.

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If you have spent all your life time viewing football matches like Ediale has, you should know those key stuffs to watch out for

The most tricky fixtures on the day 1 games are:

Southampton Vs Swansea
West Brom Vs Bournemouth
Newcastle Vs Tottenham

Why are they tricky and difficult to predict? To start with they are loosely balanced matches. They are on papers of equals, until we see their first play.

While I will give detailed breakdown analysis of these fixtures in my next post. Here are the four basic ways I advice that you try your stakes.

1. 53QCMWK
2. 53QC7JL
3. 53Q9X9Z
4. 53QC9NM


And these adjustments as you have seen is typically to beat the damage that could come from those tricky fixtures. Naturally, when I am not sure of fixtures, I leave them out of my combinations. Especially, when you have little funds to invest.

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