8-yr-old killed by kidnappers in Kano

A young girl of eight years, Aisha Sani, who was abducted two weeks ago in Tudunwada quarters of Kano State by unidentified lady and later turned to be an ally to kidnappers has been found dead.
Aisha was abducted at the close of her Islamiyya School by another lady who covered her face with veil.
A week later, a text message was said to have been sent to her parents; telling them she was in good health and they should not be bothered.
But two days ago, according to a family member, who don’t want his names printed, the kidnappers demanded N200 million be paid as ransom.
Still in the kidnappers demands they asked that the money be given to her mother who would now take the money to them.
But, on Monday two weeks after, Aisha’s corpse was found hacked to death by her kidnappers and already her parents have taken custody of her body for burial.
When contacted, the Police in the State said they were investigating the matter and that whoever was behind the notorious action would be soon arrested and dealt with.
The Police assured that Kano would soon be safe completely against any form of dastardly acts from criminals as already they have started fleeing the state.


  1. The kidnap was made easy because Muslim hijab cultures. That practice should be banned. Even men can also put on hijab and perform evils. I move for banning hijab cultures, Kidnappers will end up killing any of their victims who identify them. So the security should narrow down their search very close.