Buhari’s time is running out


‎LONDON based activist and social crusader has been an avid supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari and his change agenda. His pivotal and strategic role in the 2015 elections helped to bolster support for the ruling APC, especially from diasporan Nigerians. In a widely broadcast on multiple social media platforms, he could not hide his disgust with the controversies trailing the 2016 budget. But he has a stern warning : Mr President, time is running out.‎ Excerpt.

It won’t be out of place to tag the 2016 budget in #Nigeria #BudgetofDisaster. President @MBuhari should

1. RECALL the budget.
2. IDENTIFY those who inflated and inserted bloated portions into the budget.
3. SEND names of those responsible for the insertion to the EFCC for prosecution.
4. SACK any Minister or Permanent Secretary found to have collaborated with the Civil Servants in an attempt to dupe Nigerians.
5. TAKE responsibility and ownership as President and apologise to Nigerians for such embarrassing budget.
6. BE vigilant and acknowledge that not everyone he’s tasked with the responsibility of enforcing his message of change believe in it.

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7. CARRY out an urgent restructuring of the Nigerian civil service and sack those found to have corruptly enriched themselves.
8. NOTE that the civil servants will continue to frustrate his efforts if he does not send a clear signal that it isn’t business as usual.
9. URGENTLY form a strong team of economic advisers made up of experts and technocrats and who are not politicians.
10. REPLACE Political appointees associated with the last corruption prone government unless those proven to be above board.
11. NOTE that he still enjoys fanatical support but time is running out and his government is already 1 year old in few weeks.